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How are family budgeting and the earth related?
Both need intentional action today to prepare for the future.

What My Clients Have to Say....

Karen gave us peace of mind about our retirement planning. She did this not by telling us what we might want to hear, but rather by providing us with a detailed, comprehensive review of our finances, followed by an insightful assessment of our financial health and concise, practical recommendations for changes. Karen understood our values and heard our concerns, and always gave clear answers to our questions. She is thorough, prompt, professional, current, congenial and a joy to work with.
Randy Howard, MD and The Rev. Anne Howard

The Comprehensive Financial Plan is a fantastic description, with great attention to all corners of what I need to be thinking about and taking action on. This surpasses expectations: thank you!
Virginia McFerran, Chief Information Officer, UCLA

I think you have done well [regarding always acting in my best interests]. You consult me with each move and you explain each move as we go along and re-explain if I need it. I think you have challenged me appropriately.
Financial Advisory client

[Even] my Dad likes the plan. He said he likes it because it has a lot of the way he feels about things.
Comprehensive Financial Plan client


Karen Telleen-Lawton has been writing professionally in the interface between personal financial planning, economics, and the environment for almost 20 years. Click on any of the links below to read recent articles:

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Karen is the author of Canyon Voices: the Nature of Rattlesnake Canyon. A portfolio of her written work can be found at

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