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Stocks are conservative because they preserve long-term purchasing power.
Financial Advisory Service

Decisive Path provides Financial Advisory services to implement and monitor a client's Comprehensive Financial Plan (CFP) in a deliberate and intentional manner. An ongoing strategy is designed and developed into a unique Investment Policy Statement. Clients quickly reap the benefits of the CFP's recommendations in the areas of Cash Flow Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management, Investment Management, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Each situation requires different emphases, but the result is continuous planning and investment advice to increase your comfort level and the likelihood of reaching your goals.


In certain situations where a Comprehensive Financial Plan is not warranted, Decisive Path can simply manage your investments, working from an Investment Policy Statement. Decisive Path does not custody client assets or make discretionary trades.


Financial Advisory clients have ongoing access to Principal Karen Telleen-Lawton. Phone calls and emails receive a quick response, usually within 24 hours. On a quarterly basis, Karen meets with clients by phone or in person to discuss rebalancing and adjustments to the plan. These meetings are followed-up with an informal written action plan.


Methods of Analysis

In analyzing securities, Decisive Path believes that stock prices generally reflect public information. Consequently, further fundamental or technical analysis and market timing cannot be expected to produce consistent superior investment results. Instead, Karen believes her clients are better served by being in the market in a manner that is congruent with their goals, stage of life, and risk aversion.


Investment portfolios are typically diversified across passively-managed index funds, exchange-traded funds, and low-cost actively-managed mutual funds to minimize unsystematic risk. The portfolio is also diversified among cash, domestic stocks, domestic bonds, and international stocks/bonds to reduce systematic market risks. A client's particular allocation, including individual stocks, depends on their goals, preferences, and life stage.


Investment Strategies

Karen works with each of her clients to develop investment strategies that are designed to maximize income, tax advantage, and wealth accumulation during their working years. Dollar-Cost averaging is encouraged to increase accumulation and reduce the portfolio's average cost. After retirement, these strategies are adjusted to reflect the different goals of the dis-accumulation stage.


In addition to a preference for indexing and passive management, Decisive Path abides by Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria whenever desired by a client. Karen is also pleased to incorporate religious-oriented investing (Kosher, Christian, Sharia, etc.) or another investment strategy linked to client goals.


The Financial Advisory service typically costs $5,000 to $10,000 depending upon the complexity of your situation.

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