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Decisive Path Fee-Only Financial Advisory can help you improve your financial decision-making and reach your goals and dreams through:

Comprehensive financial planning,

Financial advising, and

Financial consulting.


While the goal of Comprehensive Financial Planning is to create a plan for a realistic and secure future, the purpose of the Financial Advisory Service is to establish an active, regular dialogue about financial adjustments, especially investments. The Financial Advisory Service assists you in implementing and monitoring your plan as it weathers the uncertainties of life.


Financial consulting is appropriate for clients with specific, well-contained issues such as, “Can I afford to . . . ”, “Should I take a reverse mortgage?” or “How should I set aside funds for my grandchildren's education?” Either Financial consulting or the Financial Advisory Service can be the conduit for Decisive Path to serve as a ongoing partner in understanding and dealing with the financial issues accompanying aging, divorce, or widowhood.


If you were to take a boat to the Channel Islands, you'd pack a picnic lunch, water bottles, and layered clothing. But you'd still want a captain who understands the route, minimizes potential risks, and can navigate to the islands' many treasures.

Karen Telleen-Lawton, CFP® is the captain on your financial voyage: your personal guide, your risk manager, and your leader in striving for your financial goals.



Decisive Path's mission is to help you understand your options, empower you to make the best decisions for your specific situation, and guide you to avoid the rough spots. There are no commissions or product sales involved, so Decisive Path's advice is based solely on what is best for you and your family.

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